Kosher Supermarkets On Maui

Enjoy a variety of kosher food that Maui has to offer!
If you’re interested in becoming kosher or adding your establishment, contact us.

Maui Kosher Market

Glatt Kosher meat and chicken delivered to your home or hotel.  In addition, they are adding Kosher items you can’t find anywhere else on Maui, such as Har Bracha tahini and more to come…

Costco Maui

Kosher empire chickens in the freezer section and many shelf items that are kosher like most Costco’s nationwide


Grocery Kosher section in the aisles. Items like Kedem grape juice, candles, Osem… They also carry frozen burekas from Ta’amti.

There are multiple Safeway locations throughout the island, and all have a kosher section; however, the one on 58 Maui Lani Pkwy WailukuHI 96793 usually has the best-stocked aisles.



Whole Foods

Many shelf items are kosher.  Kosher wine and Pas Yisroel Challah and pretzel buns.

Mana Foods

A lot of Kosher grocery items are on the shelf, as well as organic produce.
A small local store but you will be surprised by how much they offer.


Many Kosher grocery items are on the shelf; they also carry frozen kosher dough balls, which you can finish baking into bread in your oven.